Colorado Council Role Descriptions

Co-Presidents (2 positions)

  • Oversee and direct all leadership positions and organizational vision and mission. 
  • Look for ways to grow outreach of Woman Within CO in our state.
  • Liaison with International on regulations and communications.
  • Keep up with communications from WWInternational Committees and distribute important information to the Colorado community.  
  • Attend regular International WW meetings to stay up to date on WW practices.
  • Supports leaders and volunteers preparing for initiation weekends as needed.
  • Work with the Secretary to keep administrative records up to date.


  • Responsible for the oversight, recording and storing of the minutes, and the logistics of monthly phone conference/zoom meetings
  • Responsible for general correspondence and working with the President on administrative record keeping.
  • Records and distributes Board meeting minutes to the board representatives.  
  • Conducts and tabulates voting activity while ensuring stipulated procedures are followed
  • Serves as steward of WW Colorado Board records
  • Schedules meetings 


  • The Treasurer functions as the chief financial office of the organization. It is her responsibility to keep the financial records up-to-date and accurate and report information when requested. 
  •  Works closely with Woman Within International Treasurer to be sure we are following regulations.

Director of Communication

The Director of Communications is the board member responsible for both the internal and external activities that communicate the organization’s mission, vision, and activities to others. 

  • Supervises the Communication Team (see below).  
  • Reach out to the Open Circle Director and anyone leading events and forwards it to the rest of the communication team.  
  • Creates forms or other methods to efficiently obtain information to be shared in the newsletter, Facebook and the website.

Communication Team (also Council roles)

Website Lead – responsible for the website content, administration of the website, and adding new content on an ongoing basis.

Social Media Lead – coordinates with Programs and Circle Directors to add all events on Facebook ( including weekends, open circles, continuing education trainings, and community events). Adds inspirational pictures, testimonials to boost exposure. She will also create ads and other marketing content.    

Newsletter Lead – This position  will  be responsible for obtaining new information on an ongoing basis for the newsletter. She will also create and post newsletter in a timely manner – monthly

Director of Open Circles

This member schedules and organizes all Open Circles for WWCO.  She mentors and assists Open Circle leaders in facilitating safe and welcoming Open Circles. Open Circles offer women the opportunity to experience the benefits of Woman Within Circles without the requirement of attending the WW weekend or a WW Circle Training. In many cultures, there is little time or support for women to express their innermost truth in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. Open Circles allow women to experience this firsthand. 

  • Schedules, organizes, and advertises Open Circles in Colorado.
  • Works with the Communications Director to provide timely information for publishing in newsletter and social media. 
  • Offers guidance to all Open Circle Facilitators in Colorado
  • Manages the WW Open Circles Gmail account; responds to all inquiries and sends out Open Circle meeting reminders.
  • Facilitates and models WW Open Circle guidelines and etiquette in an Open Circle Format
  • Provides sacred space for women of all ages to experience opening their hearts and connecting to their own deep wisdom with the support of safe and experienced Circle facilitators.

Director of Committed Circles

This Board member will be responsible for Women Within Committed circles.  She will mentor others in roles to assist with circles. She will coordinate with interested women to find a circle that works for them: in-person, online, location, etc.

  • Advertise when current committed circles are looking for new women. She will advertise when a new committed circle is being formed and assist them in getting established and offer guidance. 
  • Help the CO community of committed circles to maintain WW International policies and guidelines.
  • Work with the Communications Director with timely information for publishing in newsletter or emails  She will coordinate with the Director of programs and WWI to bring Circle Trainings to the Colorado community.

Director of Programs

This position will cultivate opportunities for Colorado women to continue their personal growth and sense of connection. 

  • Coordinate community events, with the Outreach coordinator, staff training, and facilitation training.
  • Coordinate with event site/host re: event details, location, parking, food, etc.She will coordinate with appropriate Directors (eg Circle Directors) to review and approve trainings for Colorado. 
  • Coordinate with the Communications team to get events added/updated to newsletter, website, and social media; provide updates/on-going communication to appropriate council members re: upcoming event location, parking, details, etc.  
  • Work with the Communications Team and other council members to increase visibility to our events and build excitement, so that we have full events and registrations by the deadline. 
  •  Be a liaison with Woman Within International, and Outreach team, for all additional Woman Within Programs. 
  • Reach out/respond to “interested” participants on Facebook via comments or Private Message to answer questions, and help remove obstacles to registration.
  • Coordinate out of town staff lodging and transportation for all non-weekend trainings. 
  • Help recruit positions for WW weekend trainings.

Director of Scholarships/Fundraising

This member creates and organizes fundraising for the growth of Woman Within.

  • Organize these funds for the community needs and to make it possible for women with financial need to attend our Programs. 
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining scholarship records. 
  • Works closely with the Treasurer on record keeping. 

Director of Outreach

 This position will be responsible for reaching outside of our own community to further the mission and vision of Woman Within. 

  • Create community events to share our vision and mission
  • Act as liaison to MKP and other organizations that share our mission. 
  • Work to help with recruiting efforts

Director of Diversity

This position will be responsible for being a liaison between Woman Within International Diversity Committee and the CO community. 

  • Liaison with MKP for opportunities for trainings 
  • Keep informed as to requirements for diversity training for WW
  • Bring diversity trainings to our WW community
  • Hold WW CO accountable for any issues that we have relating to diversity issues