Committed Circles

A committed circle means a group of the same women who meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 2-3 hours (decided on by circle) for a journey to deepen self-awareness and wisdom, a place to de-stress, and a place to be you.

  • A great way to take your first step into Woman Within
  • Usually free (unless meeting space needs to be rented)
  • Open to any woman over 18
  • Typically 2-3 hours, from one to four times a month
  • Usually meet in women’s homes
  • Woman Within Circle Training begins your journey
  • Assignment of a Circle Guide continues after training
  • Participating in the Woman Within Weekend is recommended but not required.

In a Woman Within Circle, you will learn to create a safe place where women can connect, share their experiences and own their feelings, without dumping their feelings onto others, getting lost in their story, giving advice or rescuing others from their emotions. You’ll learn active listening skills and learn how to stay in connection during times of conflict

If you are interested in connecting with other women in your area to meet on a regular basis, please email  Please mention where you are located and if you have attended any trainings or are willing too.  We will connect you with our circle coordinator.

Update: A Circle Training is being planned  for November 16-17 in Morrison, CO.  More details to come.