Woman Within Colorado is looking for passionate women to volunteer for 2-year council positions (listed below) or helping on one of Woman Within Colorado’s many teams:

  • Communications
  • Open Circles
  • Committed Circles
  • Programs (trainings)
  • Scholarship/Fundraising
  • Outreach
  • Diversity/Inclusion

Woman Within Colorado Council Role Descriptions (on Google Drive)

If you are interested, please fill out the Woman Within Colorado Volunteer Interest Form and someone will get back to you within one week.

Current Colorado Council

President: Stacy Benjatka-Robins
Secretary: Mistia Zuckerman
Treasurer: Nancy Orr
Director of Communication: Judy Tech
Website Lead: Mistia Zuckerman
Facebook Lead: Angela Seeling
Newsletter Leads: Judy Tech and Meera Blair
Director of Open Circles: Margaret Selby
Director of Committed Circles: Nancy Orr
Director of Programs & Development: Angela Seeling
Director of Scholarships/Fundraising: Vacant
Director of Outreach: New position
Director of Diversity: New position