angelaMy own weekend seems like a lifetime ago, and yet it was just over a year ago, in CA.  The Awakening that has taken place in my life since, is almost unbelievable.  I went into my weekend exhausted, burned out, hurt, silenced, and stuck.  I came away feeling like I could do any thing.  I let go of so much that I was holding on to, that wasn’t mine to hold. And in the continued process, I’m able to welcome more love and intention for myself and others, and allow my dreams to become reality.

I am so incredibly grateful for the weekend experience, in addition to the skills to continue doing the work, and the beautiful souls committed to becoming better versions of ourselves, to walk alongside in this journey.  I’ve spent my whole life trying to fit in, looking for a tribe to belong to.  But now, I’ve discovered that what I really long for is to love and belong to the woman in the mirror, the woman within.
She is beautiful. {I am} beautiful, wise, strong, gentle, loving, playful, and free.

― Angela