49895789_1978542055557261_8122421796898078720_n“I went into the Women Within Weekend with a hope that I would grow, understand, and appreciate myself a bit more following the Weekend. I gained far more than that.

I have been through some hard circumstances and situations in my life, as many of us have, but I felt as though I had done a good amount of work to facilitate the healing process prior to my Weekend. Women within blew me away at how much more understanding I still had to embrace in order to fully honor, love and accept myself as the woman I was created to be.

I grew a different understanding and appreciation for who I am and had multiple levels of healing transpire when I was able to place myself in the unique weekend experience. There was a powerful and beautiful energy amongst us all of the women. No judgment, no expectations, just a pure and authentic opportunity for each women to embrace the experience for exactly what it meant to them. I left with a deeper understanding of love and compassion for myself, in a way that I had never experienced before.”

― Ashley