Woman Within Weekend

The Woman Within® Weekend will take you on a journey into yourself.  This is our signature program.

Woman Within Weekend, Colorado
May 4-6, 2018

You are invited to this Weekend not as a mother, daughter, sister, partner or wife, but as yourself. We offer you the chance to let down the masks and defenses which you use as protection, to journey into your past, to experience your deepest feelings and to turn them into positive healing energy. Being among women is an integral part of this Weekend and our staff of women will support you as women have supported each other for generations.
The Woman Within®Weekend will take you on a journey. It is a descent into yourself. Through this descent, you are given the opportunity to re-establish connection with the part of yourself that intuitively knows – your ageless wisdom. You will be provided with an opportunity to reclaim a part of yourself that may have been lost, stolen, forgotten or fragmented. The Weekend offers a series of experiential activities, guided meditations, and focused individual and group work.
These processes have been carefully designed to effectively assist women in finding their inner power and in using it to support themselves in their daily lives.  In a safe and supportive environment each woman has an opportunity to reclaim her wholeness as a woman.

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