Woman Within in Colorado

We are a community of women in Colorado that is part of Woman Within International.   We believe that each woman has an inner wise woman to guide her, and sometimes it is simply a matter of listening to what she has to say.  We hope you will tap into the support, training and tools you need to empower yourself as a woman; to deepen your inner wisdom, and get to know which parts of you need more recognition and understanding. Woman Within offers a brilliantly simple yet completely different way to explore how your life might be different.  Although some women in Colorado have been a part of Woman Within for over 20 years, we are a relatively new region.  We hope to offer more trainings and programs in the Colorado area as women hear about us.  Here is what we offer in Colorado at this time:

  1. Woman Within Open Circles – These circles allow women the space to support and be supported in whatever is going on for them whether that is anger, joy, sadness, shame or fear. Open Circles are led by an experienced woman, and offer all women the chance to be heard, or not, depending on what she chooses. Open Circles mean there is no commitment to be there each time and any woman 18 or older is able to attend without any previous training or pre-requisites.  If you are curious about the program, please consider joining us for an open circle.
  2. Woman Within Committed Circles – These Circles are for women who have decided to stay in a committed circle, often after their Woman Within Weekend. Most circles meet on a weekly basis for 2-3 hours (decided on by circle) for a journey to deepen self-awareness and wisdom, a place to de-stress, and a place to be you.
  3. Circle Training – A 2-day program offered a few times each year in the Denver area to teach self-awareness and skills to support with clarity and empathy.  This course is recommended before joining or starting a circle.
  4. Woman Within Weekend – The signature program which offers a series of experiential activities, guided meditations and focused individual and group exercises.  The next Woman Within Weekend is tentatively schedule in Elbert, CO on October 9-11, 2020.   Weekends are also held in other locations in the United States and even internationally.  You can find out more by visiting Woman Within International’s global calendar page.

Our hope is that we can support you in knowing yourself on a deeper level and in being the best you can be.  Please email us at womanwithinco@gmail.com for questions, support, and more information.